Real Estate Derivatives Summit 2017

Zurich, 13th October 2017

The conference was organized in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and European Real Estate Society ERES.


Real Estate, both residential and commercial, is one of the largest and most important global asset classes. However, unlike other asset classes such as equities and bonds, derivatives on real estate have not enjoyed much past success. Today the real estate derivatives market is practically non-existent despite the recent volatility in property values. The purpose of the Real Estate Derivatives Summit 2017 was to bring together global leaders from industry and academia to begin a discussion on how to revitalize the real estate derivatives market.

Steering Committee

  • Eamonn D’Arcy, University of Reading
  • Prof. Marc Francke, University of Amsterdam
  • Dr. Robin Goodchild, LaSalle Investment Management London
  • Prof. Martin Hoesli, Universities of Geneva and Aberdeen
  • Prof. Mathias Hoffmann, University of Zurich
  • Prof. Walter Torous, MIT Center for Real Estate, Massachusettes